Sign Refresh and Refurbishment, A Sustainable Solution

imagebrite offers a solution that complements increasingly important sustainability initiatives. National brands are focusing more and more on conservation efforts. Using imagebrite’s process keeps these brands looking fresh and vibrant without depleting our natural resources.

How is Sign Refurbishment Eco-Friendly?

Refreshing signage uses almost no energy or resources compared to the amount of energy used to manufacture and install new signage. Utilizing existing signage allows imagebrite to preserve the integrity of your brand, maximize visibility and ultimately, profitability.

Additionally, signage is made from non-recyclable Series 7 plastic. This type of plastic is only accepted by a limited number of facilities across the country, so it usually ends up in landfills when it is no longer being used.

imagebrite: Eco-Friendly

Is your brand sustainable?

imagebrite’s sign refresh & refurbishment process is a sustainable, eco-friendly solution, both EPA and OSHA compliant. It is a great way to reuse your existing signage, keeping it looking its best longer.

Contact imagebrite For More Details

imagebrite’s eco-friendly sign refresh process allows you to upgrade your physical assets and better your unit of property via restoration rather than replacement. Call us today for details: 866-991-4810.


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