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Which colors matter?

According to this infographic by Kissmetrics, color provides an 80% increase in brand recognition. While overall design and “power words” impact decision-making, color is one of the most persuasive and potent elements for encouraging impulsive decision-making. 85% of shoppers said that color was the reason they decided to make a purchase, according to that same infographic.

Sign Colors: Why They Matter

A great deal of thought goes into creating the logos and signage for both local establishments and national brands. Different colors psychologically mean different things to different people, and we’ve learned that these colors are specifically chosen to suit a store’s purpose. This infographic is another great source of information about color psychology.

So what are the most popular colors used? In the quick service industry, some that we have observed include:

Red: Red is a stimulating color – it stimulates your appetite and makes you crave food. It also spurs you to action. Not only does it encourage you to eat, but it also encourages you to eat fast – suiting a fast food restaurant’s need for quick turnover.

Recognizable brands that use Red in their Signage: McDonald’s, Burger King, Steak ‘n Shake, Wendy’s, Sonic, Chick-fil-A, T.G.I. Friday’s, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, Inn-n-Out Burger, KFC, Krystal, Moe’s, Panda Express

Orange:  Orange is a popular color for drawing attention. It is warm and welcoming – emitting that sense of trustworthiness that most brands want to reflect and all consumers want to feel.  Orange also imparts a strong feeling of love or hate, generally not inducing feelings in between. It is the color used by businesses that want to reflect a strong call-to-action: buy, sell or go away!

Recognizable brands that use Orange in their Signage: Dunkin Donuts, Popeye’s, Hardee’s, Dairy Queen

Yellow: Yellow promotes optimism and energy, and like red stimulates the mind and encourages you to eat quickly. Cheerfulness and brightness are two feelings commonly associated with yellow.

Recognizable brands that use Yellow in their Signage: McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Taco Bell, Bojangles, Moe’s


Summing Up

According to this article, red, yellow, orange and sometimes green “are known to subconsciously trigger hunger and/or induce excitement. These colors encourage guests to spend more and leave quickly… Research has shown that people eat more in a room with warm color surroundings as opposed to consuming food in a room painted in cold colors such as blue, black, or purple.”

Now that the importance of colors has been established, it’s clear how much these impact your location’s exterior look. Not only do these colors provide the perks of brand recognition, but they also stir up feelings among your potential customers. But in a sea of colors, how does your establishment stand out?

Vibrant signage.

The sun has an almost immediate effect on most signage. It causes it to fade, losing its immediate effect on the consumer.  So, beyond just the most obvious reasons to make sure your sign is bright – to keep up with brand standards and maintain your exterior look  – ensuring the effectiveness of your sign’s colors stands as one of the most important.

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