One road sign is made up of hundreds of pounds of often non-recyclable plastic. Sign refresh keeps this plastic out of landfills.

Imagine that instead of replacing your most useful items – like your favorite mixing bowl or your water filters – you could simply return it to like new condition every few years. Refurbishing these items would both save you money and keep them from ending up in the trash and inevitably ending up as an environmental pollutant.  Now, no system to date has been developed to achieve this goal yet. But there has been one established for plastic– those signs you associate with your favorite brands that you likely pass on a daily basis during your commute.

Sign refresh and refurbishment is a way for businesses nationwide that rely on the allure of road signs, building signage and more to maintain brand standards and foster consumer trust. Sign refresh is a specialized process that returns faded and worn signs to their original glory, without costing thousands of dollars in sign replacement.

What Is Sign Refresh and How Is It Eco-Friendly?

Before digging into the details of sign refresh and refurbishment, it’s important to understand some facts regarding plastics recycling:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, eight (8) percent of the plastic waste generated in the US was recycled in 2010. During that same year, the US generated 31 million tons of plastic waste. What’s the harm of that plastic that isn’t being recycled? If the plastics are ingested by marine or other animals, they can become extremely harmful; plastic ends up littering the earth and harming its inhabitants.

Sign refresh represents a monumental shift that allows business owners to continue to use existing signage. imagebrite has been a trailblazer, advancing this process so that it has developed into a viable and eco-friendly alternative to sign replacement.

3 Ways Sign Refresh is Eco-Friendly

Because it is a relatively unknown service right now, many do not understand the impact that sign refresh can truly have over replacing. Some reports say that around 88% of energy is saved when plastic is made from existing plastic. Think of the energy saved when existing, non-recyclable plastic is re-used for years and years, so that it doesn’t have to reach a landfill! Sign refresh, therefore, is eco-friendly because it keeps non-recyclable plastics out of the earth. It reduces the need to create more signs out of non-recyclable plastics, and it is EPA compliant.

Sign refresh and refurbishment is an effective way for brands to keep their customer-facing images fresh without compromising the earth.  This game-changing service is bound to expand as sustainability initiatives become ever more pervasive. You heard it here first!

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