Nothing had ever quite hit the nail on the head when it came to visually representing what imagebrite does. That is, not until a last minute decision was made in a panic to include Wilson, the volleyball turned character from the movie “Castaway,” in our trade show presentation.

Background: Why Does Imagebrite Attend Tradeshows?

Imagebrite is the leading cosmetic refresh company in the United States.  Because sign refresh is both a new and a narrow industry, many don’t understand what it is or how it works. That’s why traveling to trade shows and meeting our clients in person is important to us; with our knowledge and the help of visual aids, we are able to educate others on the usefulness and effectiveness of our services.

How Brite Is Your Smile?

Teeth represent one of those visual metaphors that seem to resonate with people. Startling and informative all at once, the teeth have been helping imagebrite to explain sign refresh from the very beginning. Just like you don’t throw away your teeth when they become yellowed, you shouldn’t throw away your business’s sign either. Sign refresh returns signs, awnings, poles and cabinets and more to like new brightness – like an appointment with your dentist returns yellowed teeth to their naturally white state.

imagebrite Wilsons

The Wilsons are another successful visual representation of how sign refresh works.

 Though the teeth metaphor was and is still effective for reflecting why and how sign refresh works, when the Wilsons came along as a complete accident Imagebrite learned how successful creative marketing really can be.

“Even if it Was By A Complete Accident, We…Found A Marketing Theme … Unique To Our Business”

A few years ago, FedEx lost imagebrite’s trade show booth, leaving the company high and dry for one of the biggest shows they attended. Left with few options but to be creative, the company thought of the movie “Castaway” (as FedEx is the company with which Tom Hanks’ character works). The fact that FedEx had lost the booth combined with the fact that the volleyball that Hanks names Wilson represents the aging of something irreplaceable, solidified the idea in the minds of the Imagebrite team.

At the trade show, the aged Wilson was placed side-by-side with a brand new Wilson, mirroring how a sign – when exposed to the elements – will fade after being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.  This was a marketing tactic that truly resonated with people, imagebrite learned, because soon potential customers were approaching the booth (which FedEx found and delivered at the last minute), wanting photos with Wilson and to discuss its relevance to the company at length.

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Just as Hanks could never replace Wilson, business owners do not have to replace their signs. Sign refresh and refurbishment brings signage back to life without the costs associated with sign replacement. Want to learn more? Give us a call today at 1-866-991-4810.

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