As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words:

imagebrite Domino's Refresh 1

When it comes to our Domino’s building sign refresh project, however, the picture doesn’t come close to depicting the incredible transformation this sign underwent – from faded and cracked to bright and like new.  However, it’s not the transformation itself that has us blogging about this particular job – it’s the innovation this project led to that is worthy of discussion. This saved the owner thousands with no need for permits.

What Makes This Particular Sign Refresh Project Special?

Because we typically work with plastics and metals at imagebrite – most outdoor business signs are made from Series 7 Plastic – this Domino’s building sign presented a unique challenge. We were faced with three materials – plastic, metal and vinyl.

The integral accent bar directly under the red letters makes the sign pop and stand out to potential customers. However, this particular sign had become faded, and its accent bar was riddled with cracks:

imagebrite Accent Bar Domino's

That blue accent bar presented some challenges for our techs, however, because it was not plastic –it was made of a vinyl cover baked into the metal. Up until this point, cracked vinyl could only be replaced. A touch of innovation led to a new development: we devised a process to revive the vinyl cover, smooth over numerous cracks, and make the entire sign look brand new again.

imagebrite Domino's Refresh 2


Want To Learn More About What imagebrite Does?

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