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Which colors matter?

According to this infographic by Kissmetrics, color provides an 80% increase in brand recognition. While overall design and “power words” impact decision-making, color is one of the most persuasive and potent elements for encouraging impulsive decision-making. 85% of shoppers said that color was the reason they decided to make a purchase, according to that same infographic.

Sign Colors: Why They Matter

A great deal of thought goes into creating the logos and signage for both local establishments and national brands. Different colors psychologically mean different things to different people, and we’ve learned that these colors are specifically chosen to suit a store’s purpose. This infographic is another great source of information about color psychology.

So what are the most popular colors used? In the quick service industry, some that we have observed include:

Red: Red is a stimulating color – it stimulates your appetite and makes you crave food. It also spurs you to action. Not only does it encourage you to eat, but it also encourages you to eat fast – suiting a fast food restaurant’s need for quick turnover.

Recognizable brands that use Red in their Signage: McDonald’s, Burger King, Steak ‘n Shake, Wendy’s, Sonic, Chick-fil-A, T.G.I. Friday’s, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, Inn-n-Out Burger, KFC, Krystal, Moe’s, Panda Express

Orange:  Orange is a popular color for drawing attention. It is warm and welcoming – emitting that sense of trustworthiness that most brands want to reflect and all consumers want to feel.  Orange also imparts a strong feeling of love or hate, generally not inducing feelings in between. It is the color used by businesses that want to reflect a strong call-to-action: buy, sell or go away!

Recognizable brands that use Orange in their Signage: Dunkin Donuts, Popeye’s, Hardee’s, Dairy Queen

Yellow: Yellow promotes optimism and energy, and like red stimulates the mind and encourages you to eat quickly. Cheerfulness and brightness are two feelings commonly associated with yellow.

Recognizable brands that use Yellow in their Signage: McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Taco Bell, Bojangles, Moe’s


Summing Up

According to this article, red, yellow, orange and sometimes green “are known to subconsciously trigger hunger and/or induce excitement. These colors encourage guests to spend more and leave quickly… Research has shown that people eat more in a room with warm color surroundings as opposed to consuming food in a room painted in cold colors such as blue, black, or purple.”

Now that the importance of colors has been established, it’s clear how much these impact your location’s exterior look. Not only do these colors provide the perks of brand recognition, but they also stir up feelings among your potential customers. But in a sea of colors, how does your establishment stand out?

Vibrant signage.

The sun has an almost immediate effect on most signage. It causes it to fade, losing its immediate effect on the consumer.  So, beyond just the most obvious reasons to make sure your sign is bright – to keep up with brand standards and maintain your exterior look  – ensuring the effectiveness of your sign’s colors stands as one of the most important.

Have you ever experienced the “Target effect”?

It doesn’t have to be Target  – any store that carries an assortment of items that you both need and don’t need – can compel you to purchase items you would otherwise never even look twice at.

What is that all about? Why do you walk down the toothpaste aisle because you just ran out and end up with a brand new towel warmer (and far less money than you walked in with)?

Because marketers know what entices you and draws your eye. They’ve mastered the art of impulse selling.

In part one of this blog series, we investigate this reasoning behind consumer decisions and what it is about visual cues like color that draws the eye and drives an impulse purchase. In part two, we’ll discuss specific colors that draw consumers in and explain why they have everything to do with signage.

The Magic Behind the Effect

It’s the reason why you see colorfully wrapped vans driving around or parked outside of your favorite stores – they entice you before you even walk in. Their visibility and colorfulness draw you in before you even make a decision to purchase.

Visibility and color are two important aspects of the impulse buy. That towel warmer is packaged in that bright orange color, and it’s right there near the toothpaste. Isn’t it convenient that the towel warmer is right there while you’re clearly stocking your bathroom. While you’re brushing your teeth, wouldn’t it be nice to be warming that towel before you hop in the shower?


This infographic by Kissmetrics shows what colors impact consumer behavior.

According to this article,  “Visibility is the most important factor.” In the case of a mall, a kiosk is a very good example of the benefits of visibility. The article continues: “You see the products as you walk through the mall, and you will see a lot more of the merchandise than what’s in the windows of traditional stores. Those stores have to compete for attention both with the kiosks and the store windows on the other side of the mall. But it’s much more difficult to overlook a kiosk.”

What about the incredible combining visibility and the psychology of color? Was it just the fact that the towel warmer was in the toothpaste aisle, or did the color of the packaging matter? According the aforementioned articles, “It’s not just the numbers or words on your sign that can draw customers. Color can draw them in and keep them focused on the product.”

Nothing had ever quite hit the nail on the head when it came to visually representing what imagebrite does. That is, not until a last minute decision was made in a panic to include Wilson, the volleyball turned character from the movie “Castaway,” in our trade show presentation.

Background: Why Does Imagebrite Attend Tradeshows?

Imagebrite is the leading cosmetic refresh company in the United States.  Because sign refresh is both a new and a narrow industry, many don’t understand what it is or how it works. That’s why traveling to trade shows and meeting our clients in person is important to us; with our knowledge and the help of visual aids, we are able to educate others on the usefulness and effectiveness of our services.

How Brite Is Your Smile?

Teeth represent one of those visual metaphors that seem to resonate with people. Startling and informative all at once, the teeth have been helping imagebrite to explain sign refresh from the very beginning. Just like you don’t throw away your teeth when they become yellowed, you shouldn’t throw away your business’s sign either. Sign refresh returns signs, awnings, poles and cabinets and more to like new brightness – like an appointment with your dentist returns yellowed teeth to their naturally white state.

imagebrite Wilsons

The Wilsons are another successful visual representation of how sign refresh works.

 Though the teeth metaphor was and is still effective for reflecting why and how sign refresh works, when the Wilsons came along as a complete accident Imagebrite learned how successful creative marketing really can be.

“Even if it Was By A Complete Accident, We…Found A Marketing Theme … Unique To Our Business”

A few years ago, FedEx lost imagebrite’s trade show booth, leaving the company high and dry for one of the biggest shows they attended. Left with few options but to be creative, the company thought of the movie “Castaway” (as FedEx is the company with which Tom Hanks’ character works). The fact that FedEx had lost the booth combined with the fact that the volleyball that Hanks names Wilson represents the aging of something irreplaceable, solidified the idea in the minds of the Imagebrite team.

At the trade show, the aged Wilson was placed side-by-side with a brand new Wilson, mirroring how a sign – when exposed to the elements – will fade after being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.  This was a marketing tactic that truly resonated with people, imagebrite learned, because soon potential customers were approaching the booth (which FedEx found and delivered at the last minute), wanting photos with Wilson and to discuss its relevance to the company at length.

 Contact Imagebrite To Learn More

Just as Hanks could never replace Wilson, business owners do not have to replace their signs. Sign refresh and refurbishment brings signage back to life without the costs associated with sign replacement. Want to learn more? Give us a call today at 1-866-991-4810.

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Tons of Plastic Can Now Be Saved

Imagebrite Saves Largest Happy Meal on the Planet

Why Refurbish?

As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words:

imagebrite Domino's Refresh 1

When it comes to our Domino’s building sign refresh project, however, the picture doesn’t come close to depicting the incredible transformation this sign underwent – from faded and cracked to bright and like new.  However, it’s not the transformation itself that has us blogging about this particular job – it’s the innovation this project led to that is worthy of discussion. This saved the owner thousands with no need for permits.

What Makes This Particular Sign Refresh Project Special?

Because we typically work with plastics and metals at imagebrite – most outdoor business signs are made from Series 7 Plastic – this Domino’s building sign presented a unique challenge. We were faced with three materials – plastic, metal and vinyl.

The integral accent bar directly under the red letters makes the sign pop and stand out to potential customers. However, this particular sign had become faded, and its accent bar was riddled with cracks:

imagebrite Accent Bar Domino's

That blue accent bar presented some challenges for our techs, however, because it was not plastic –it was made of a vinyl cover baked into the metal. Up until this point, cracked vinyl could only be replaced. A touch of innovation led to a new development: we devised a process to revive the vinyl cover, smooth over numerous cracks, and make the entire sign look brand new again.

imagebrite Domino's Refresh 2


Want To Learn More About What imagebrite Does?

Visit to learn all about imagebrite’s unique sign refresh and refurbishment process. If you’re just looking to keep up with unique projects like this Domino’s refresh project, stay tuned into our blog for weekly updates! Any other questions? Give us a call today at 1-866-991-4810.

imagebrite was asked to do the impossible – bring the largest happy meal on the planet back to life.  

McDonald's Happy Meal Store Image 1There are very few McDonald’s Corporate happy meal stores in existence. There aren’t many options for keeping these alive – either tear them down, leave them looking faded, or, as McDonald’s Corporate did – try imagebrite’s refresh process!

2 Years Later, Still Awesome!

Two years later, the happy meal store imagebrite refreshed is still vibrant, returning visitors to a different time when more McDonald’s Corporate restaurants were a uniquely themed attraction in themselves.

imagebrite’s team refurbished the entire exterior, including the wall coatings, signage, and other elements of the Dallas, Texas McDonald’s Corporate store.

View some before and after shots of this incredible feat:

imagebrite clouds before

imagebrite clouds after


imagebrite wall coating refresh beforeimagebrite wall coatings refresh after

imagebrite clouds 2 beforeimagebrite clouds 2 after

imagebrite burger refresh beforeimagebrite burger refresh after

One road sign is made up of hundreds of pounds of often non-recyclable plastic. Sign refresh keeps this plastic out of landfills.

Imagine that instead of replacing your most useful items – like your favorite mixing bowl or your water filters – you could simply return it to like new condition every few years. Refurbishing these items would both save you money and keep them from ending up in the trash and inevitably ending up as an environmental pollutant.  Now, no system to date has been developed to achieve this goal yet. But there has been one established for plastic– those signs you associate with your favorite brands that you likely pass on a daily basis during your commute.

Sign refresh and refurbishment is a way for businesses nationwide that rely on the allure of road signs, building signage and more to maintain brand standards and foster consumer trust. Sign refresh is a specialized process that returns faded and worn signs to their original glory, without costing thousands of dollars in sign replacement.

What Is Sign Refresh and How Is It Eco-Friendly?

Before digging into the details of sign refresh and refurbishment, it’s important to understand some facts regarding plastics recycling:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, eight (8) percent of the plastic waste generated in the US was recycled in 2010. During that same year, the US generated 31 million tons of plastic waste. What’s the harm of that plastic that isn’t being recycled? If the plastics are ingested by marine or other animals, they can become extremely harmful; plastic ends up littering the earth and harming its inhabitants.

Sign refresh represents a monumental shift that allows business owners to continue to use existing signage. imagebrite has been a trailblazer, advancing this process so that it has developed into a viable and eco-friendly alternative to sign replacement.

3 Ways Sign Refresh is Eco-Friendly

Because it is a relatively unknown service right now, many do not understand the impact that sign refresh can truly have over replacing. Some reports say that around 88% of energy is saved when plastic is made from existing plastic. Think of the energy saved when existing, non-recyclable plastic is re-used for years and years, so that it doesn’t have to reach a landfill! Sign refresh, therefore, is eco-friendly because it keeps non-recyclable plastics out of the earth. It reduces the need to create more signs out of non-recyclable plastics, and it is EPA compliant.

Sign refresh and refurbishment is an effective way for brands to keep their customer-facing images fresh without compromising the earth.  This game-changing service is bound to expand as sustainability initiatives become ever more pervasive. You heard it here first!

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imagebrite Eco-Friendly Sign Refurbishment

imagebrite on

Welcome to imagebrite’s new official website and blog!

Imagebrite is advancing the sign refresh industry as we service more areas across the United States. Our sign refurbishment process has evolved and expanded over the last three years as we have experienced success. Recently, imagebrite surpassed 1,000 locations refreshed, a milestone that represents and over 2,000 signs brought back to their original vibrancy and luster. Now, we’re expanding our niche to the online world with a completely new website and blog.


A Quick Overview: What Does Imagebrite Do?

Imagebrite offers businesses nationwide an alternative to sign replacement. imagebrite’s proprietary sign refresh process returns signage to its original vibrancy and brightness and does not involve the movement or disassembly of any parts. We travel from coast to coast helping national brand locations maintain and represent brand image standards.

What Will This Blog Do?

The purpose of this blog is to be a helpful guide for both businesses and consumers. We hope it will be helpful in three ways:

1)   We’ll aim to provide useful money-saving and energy-saving tips, as well as anecdotes and unique stories centered on one of our core principles, eco-friendliness.

2)   Colors impact consumers deeply. imagebrite’s sign refresh serves as a way for national brands to keep their brand colors effective. Why? Because colors can and do impact purchasing decisions. That’s why we’ll blog about the psychology behind color usage and how it actually impacts consumers.

3)   We’ll do our best to educate you about our (relatively) new industry, and its implications for signage and national branding as a whole.

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Thank you for visiting imagebrite’s improved website and brand new company blog. We look forward to interacting with you! Catch up with us on social media or give imagebrite a call today to learn more at 1-866-991-4810.

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