Welcome to imagebrite’s new official website and blog!

Imagebrite is advancing the sign refresh industry as we service more areas across the United States. Our sign refurbishment process has evolved and expanded over the last three years as we have experienced success. Recently, imagebrite surpassed 1,000 locations refreshed, a milestone that represents and over 2,000 signs brought back to their original vibrancy and luster. Now, we’re expanding our niche to the online world with a completely new website and blog.


A Quick Overview: What Does Imagebrite Do?

Imagebrite offers businesses nationwide an alternative to sign replacement. imagebrite’s proprietary sign refresh process returns signage to its original vibrancy and brightness and does not involve the movement or disassembly of any parts. We travel from coast to coast helping national brand locations maintain and represent brand image standards.

What Will This Blog Do?

The purpose of this blog is to be a helpful guide for both businesses and consumers. We hope it will be helpful in three ways:

1)   We’ll aim to provide useful money-saving and energy-saving tips, as well as anecdotes and unique stories centered on one of our core principles, eco-friendliness.

2)   Colors impact consumers deeply. imagebrite’s sign refresh serves as a way for national brands to keep their brand colors effective. Why? Because colors can and do impact purchasing decisions. That’s why we’ll blog about the psychology behind color usage and how it actually impacts consumers.

3)   We’ll do our best to educate you about our (relatively) new industry, and its implications for signage and national branding as a whole.

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Thank you for visiting imagebrite’s improved website and brand new company blog. We look forward to interacting with you! Catch up with us on social media or give imagebrite a call today to learn more at 1-866-991-4810.

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